Plan Your Ultimate Wedding Like A Professional Wedding Planner Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars & Worrying You Might Mess It Up.

Give Me 4 Minutes And I’ll Give You The Key To DIY Wedding Planning!

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The Average Cost Of A Partial-Service Wedding Planner Is A Whopping… $1800.00!!

Would You Hate It If We Gave You Full-Service Professional Planning At DIY Pricing?

The Master Plan is an online wedding planning course by Jamie Wolfer, the experienced wedding planner behind Wolfer & Co and your ‘Virtual Wedding Planner’ (if you’ll let her).

The Master Plan members get access to the same step-by-step wedding planning process Jamie uses with her full-service clients but virtually and for a fraction of the price.

The course includes 14 lessons that cover 25 Topics with actionable tutorials and a digital workbook with editable templates and spreadsheets which bring calm to the chaos.

The course covers everything you need to DIY your wedding planning, but without all the stress and overwhelm.

We’ve helped thousands of couples take control of their wedding planning, save big bucks on a wedding planner, and actually have some fun along the way.

A game-changer for me in this whole process!

“This course removes the headache of figuring out how to organize things, what to do when, how, and even explains why. This type of information absolutely can’t be found on Pinterest”


Are you planning a wedding? You need The Master Plan!

“Jamie’s advice helped us clarify what we cared about most for our big day, set our budget in alignment with those priorities, and choose a fantastic vendor team. My friends and family were surprised that I wasn’t more stressed throughout the wedding planning, and that’s in large part due to Jamie’s guidance and perfectly paced timeline..”


6 ‘Simple’ Steps To Nailing Your Wedding Planning…

Step #1: Engagement

Put A Ring On It

Step #2: Strategize

What Is Important To/For You?

Step #3: Booking

Book Your ‘Big 6’

Step #4: Flourish

Pick & Choose Your Pizzaz

Step #5: The Deets

Centralize & Organize All Details

Step #6: Delegate

Pass Off Your Plan To Be Executed

Is this an over simplified ‘wedding plan’? It sure is. In reality there are many details that go into each and every step.
This was just meant to show you than you can bring a method to the madness.
We can help you actually make ‘simple’ a thing.

What’s Included In The Master Plan?

Here Is What You Get…

Inside The Master Plan course there are 14 Lessons that cover 25 Topics which will allow you to plan your wedding end-to-end with ease:

  • Planning Timeline
  • Budget
  • Style
  • Guest List
  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Vendors
  • Guest Communication
  • Weekend Timeline
  • Last-Minute Details

Each module contains a video educating you on the subject, and practical PDFs and spreadsheets to help you make the most of your time, energy, and money.

Stop Scrolling & Start Planning!

Is Having A Wedding To Be Remembered Worth $0.96 A Day?

The Master Plan

Let us help you create a clear path to follow for your wedding planning.

There is no need for you to ever feel exhausted, overwhelmed & confused.

Let’s make your wedding an event and a celebration to be remembered.

Our Guarantee To You:
If you try The Master Plan today, you will have 14 days to use EVERYTHING.

IF you don’t like The Master Plan (for whatever reason), simply let us know within the 14 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your money back no questions asked.

With this guarantee you literally have nothing to lose!

(except maybe some wedding planning stress and worry amirite!?)

I am so grateful for this resource.

“Seriously, I have gone from kind of being really intimidated by this process to being really excited, not only to get married but to plan a wedding that I am going to love.”


I truly wish I would have found The Master Plan SOONER!

“It would have saved me countless hours on the internet researching and driving around town looking for certain books that promised to save me.”


Ready To Take Control Of Your Wedding Planning?

Just to put this in perspective one last time…

On average the cost for a partial-service wedding planner is $1,800.

Jamie’s full-service clients pay a minimum of $4,500.

You’re getting the same professional guidance, planning and process for $0.96 a day.

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