Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married

Going to the Chapel and We're Going to Get Married

Carman + Levi

Grand Junction, CO
$10,000 budget
75 guests

Wedding Planning Experience

“I absolutely loved planning and wish I could back and do it again! I love little details and making decisions, and that is all you do when you are planning a wedding. I also had 1 1/2 years to plan which made it easier to feel I could take my time deciding on everything!”


Advice from Carman…

“Don’t leave each other’s side the whole night! You want your memories to be of each other! And no matter what DON'T LEAVE THE DANCE FLOOR!! People can come to you!!”


Best part of the day according to Carman…

“My favorite moment of the wedding day was walking down the aisle, feeling all the butterflies in my stomach, and seeing my husband watching me and tearing up.”