A Wedding Decorated With the Chicago Skyline

A Wedding Decorated With the Chicago Skyline

Debbie + Jonathan

Chicago, Il

$14,000 budget

60 guests

Top priority: To have a good time despite the pandemic

Wedding Planning Experience

“Initially we had a different venue picked, but unfortunately the venue didn't make it through COVID. I was so upset because I was in love with our first venue and with the idea of that wedding. We almost just canceled the wedding because I was so upset. But my husband, Jonathan, told me that we could do whatever I wanted for the wedding. Meaning that it didn't have to be a traditional wedding. When he told me that I started to think about the wedding in a different light. I decided to think of all the beautiful, incredible things that Chicago has to offer. Instead of thinking about how I could create a wedding I thought about how to have a fun Chicago party!

My favorite Chicago tourist thing to do is the architecture tour on the Chicago First Lady. And that's when I decided to check out the prices. The price was definitely fair, but more than I wanted to pay for a venue, but it was just so perfect that I cut everything else. I had to cut the wedding down to 3 hours, I had no budget for decorations, dj, or hair. BUT it was so worth it! When people asked me how I was going to decorate the wedding I would say ‘we're on a boat, the wedding is decorated with Chicago!'”.


Advice from Debbie…

“You can make it to the wedding because the wedding is just an expression of your love for each other. If you are stuck on a problem or can't decide, remember that it probably doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Something will always go wrong so don't take yourself too seriously. Especially since the things that go wrong are usually a great story!”


Debbie's favorite part of the day…

“We exchanged the sweetest most romantic vows ever!”