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Meet Jamie Wolfer!

A mom, wife, entrepreneur, YouTube creator, unflinching optimist & occasional chicken wrangler dedicated to helping plan ideal weddings on any sized budget for anyone.

Growing up with a hostess with the mostest mother, she learned the ins and outs of event planning from one of the best. Large gatherings in her childhood home taught her the power of a well laid out appetizer spread and the ability to clean up after a storm of happy guests. 

Later, with a passion for rusty metal bits and wood worn by time, she spent most of her adult life working in interior design, specializing in vintage decor.


Jamie first fell in love with wedding planning while planning her own (cliche, but true). Not only did she find the love of her life, but the process unearthed a new passion, bringing together her love of event hosting and decor crafting in a spectacular fashion.

Soon after she started Wolfer & Company (previously JW Coordination) and started booking in-person clients in Southern California. And then, the magic truly happened. She discovered that almost EVERY wedding could be an incredible event that wowed guests without breaking the bank. 
On a lark, she started sharing her wedding planning tips and tricks via YouTube and suddenly found herself being contacted by…

1. Thousands of couples across the globe who wanted her wedding planning services.
2. Hundreds of fellow wedding planners desiring her wedding planning business know how.

She wanted to help them all… but how?

She was just one person, one planner.

Enter… Wolfer & Co.

Our Methods

Wolfer & Co

To help couples and planners all over the world, Jamie needed to be everywhere at once, which admittedly is a bit of a logistical issue. Enter, the power of the internet. By going digital with her company, she now offers all the free and paid resources needed to guide couples and planners alike every step of the way.

The Master Plan

With the creation of The Master Plan and Perfect Wedding Timeline, Jamie has created the tools you need to easily plan an organized, low stress wedding of your dreams.

She’s found a way to literally replace a real life wedding planner – for a fraction of the cost.

Unlike other online wedding planning programs, Master Plan members can chat with Jamie on live Q&A sessions or pop into the weekly live office hours and talk to her team of wedding planner pros.There is also an amazing community of engaged couples who are on their planning journey with you who are all here to support you during this planning process.

No more combing through Pinterest graphics, Reddit threads, and well-meaning but vastly conflicting family + friend advice to plan your wedding. Follow along her guided online planner, complete with tutorials, spreadsheets, and email templates, and turn to the trusted professionals who can answer your questions in real time, with real experience, and make it real easy.

The Union Mastermind

Her love for helping others succeed has now extended to those who want to become wedding planners.  She strongly believes that there is room for everyone at the wedding planning table, and wants to champion an industry that has a supportive community, not constant competition.  The Union Mastermind Course & Community was created to help you kick-start your own wedding planning business, with guidance on literally everything from brand basics to keeping clients happy – you should not have to walk this journey alone.

Between live Q&A calls and the “most” supportive community of friends to cheer and champion you along, you will never be without support as you brave the new wonderful world of wedding planning.

Perfect Wedding Timeline

In the years of helping couples plan their weddings online, hands down the biggest mistake Jamie sees on wedding days is a poorly written and executed timeline. Late vendors, a missing bridesmaid before her toast, a million last minute questions before you walk down the aisle… It’s a lot.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Allow us to introduce Perfect Wedding Timeline, a comprehensive and professional timeline software that takes all the risk out of writing your OWN wedding day schedule. In the final few weeks before your event, when all the details are coming together, this epic software will help you compile a head-turning timeline that will wow your vendor team and guide your wedding party with ease.  Send email reminders, text messages, organize your day down to the minute with room to adjust as needed.

Just because you can’t afford a planner, doesn’t mean your day can’t be a smashing success with a little help from Perfect Wedding Timeline.

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Let's ditch the wedding planning “must-dos”, stress, & pressure, so you can plan the wedding of YOUR dreams… on budget! Jamie Wolfer is an experienced wedding planner and host of a very popular YouTube channel with wedding advice. She's got love for all couples on all budgets and empowers each couple to plan their wedding around what matters most to them personally. No one size fits all weddings here. In this podcast, Jamie answers real questions from engaged couples in her community. Occasionally, episodes provide a deep dive into a topic or a refresher from some popular content over on YouTube. Whether you're ballin' on a budget or planning a wedding with unlimited funds, Jamie's practical, kind, and professional guidance will help make the planning journey a little more joyful. Welcome to wedding planning for modern couples.

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The Union Podcast

The Union Podcast with Jamie Wolfer – Weekly podcasts that have helped over 78,000 people already!  (Find her on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Stitcher, and more!)

Thinking of becoming a wedding planner?! You've found your community, my friend. Welcome to The Union Podcast, a show created to build a community for those starting out in the wedding industry. The Union Podcast is a space for wedding industry newbies and pros to come together to learn tips and tricks to help better serve their clients and build flourishing businesses. The show is hosted by Jamie Wolfer who's unique approach to her business allows her to connect and serve thousands of engaged couples each year. Jamie Wolfer, of Wolfer & Co, shares her insightful and joyful perspective on weddings which she's shared on her wildly popular YouTube channel. Having built a business around celebrating one of the most joyous day in people's lives, Jamie has a heart for budget-minded couples and brings weekly wedding tips and tricks to her viewers in an effort to ease stress, save money, and maintain sanity. When she's not hollering wedding tips at a camera or mentoring new wedding planners, she enjoys playing with her kids and husband, tending to her massive amount of houseplants and mini-farm, drinking her body weight in chai lattes, and vlogging all the chaos along the way.

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Heather Fier


Heather is a San Diego gal born and raised. She started developing her event planning skills well before she could drive by bringing together some of the most epic middle school dances ever seen. Since then she's orchestrated nonprofit galas and large-scale fundraisers, thousands of marketing events across the US, and many gorgeous weddings. She is passionate about helping couples maximize their budget to the fullest to make their wedding dreams come to life.

When she isn't planning events, Heather loves getting outside to enjoy the dreamy SoCal weather and spending time with her family.

Katie Buydos


Katie was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, but for the past 8 years she has called the mountains her home. She has been adventuring around the West with her husband and two dogs and they currently live and play in Salt Lake City, UT.

Katie has been working at various fun and interesting organizations in roles including executive assistant, project manager, event coordinator, and tech support. She has honed her many skills and is a valuable member of any team she joins. As an ENFJ-A, she is always the friendly go-to person on the team. Katie is always eager to learn the company from top to bottom so she can jump in and help wherever needed. She also prides herself on her organizational skills, there’s nothing she can’t get organized!

When Katie isn’t keeping us all on top of things, you can find her with her husband or her girlfriends on the trails riding her mountain bike, floating on her kayak, watching a good movie, or popping in to grab a cookie from her favorite spot in SLC, Ruby Snap!

Rebecca Brook


Rebecca is a SoCal native whose first love has always been design, especially when it pertains to florals. Her first job in high school was in a boutique flower shop and has been deeply entrenched in some aspect of creativity ever since. Painting, scripting, interior design, florals – she can’t get enough. She started her own floral design business, SassaFrass Florals, in 2015 and through that avenue came to build a relationship with Wolfer & Co. that sparked a passion for the planning aspect of weddings as well. She has now worked as both a planner and florist with us for numerous events. Rebecca is invested in making sure all aspects of your event are executed with attention to detail and a big heart! Her emotions are big and genuine, so don’t be surprised if she laughs and cries with you throughout the planning process. Her main intention is to ensure you are happy and taken care of on your special day!

When she’s investing in herself she loves practicing yoga, hula hooping, basking in sunshine and simultaneously eating grapes and drinking chardonnay.

Three Paths

After years of helping couples plan their budget-friendly events and mentoring planners through their budding businesses, Jamie has truly seen it all and wants to save you the heartache, frustration, and money that can come along with this journey.

We’d love to guide you on your journey, no matter which path you are currently on – planning your own wedding, organizing your day of plan, or planning weddings for others.

So which path are you on, my friend?

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