Craziest Wedding Timeline EVER!

Joanne + Josh

Niverville, MB, Canada


86 guests

Priorities – Photography, Videography, Family & Friends

Wedding Planning Experience

“I planned my wedding in 36 hours! It was supposed to be October 9, 2020 but impending restrictions were announced on a Friday (Sep.25) to come into play on the Monday. So Friday afternoon & Saturday we rearranged the whole wedding & moved it up to the Sunday! Two weeks earlier than the original date. We cancelled our venue and booked a new one, in a day! It worked out for our florist, caterer, pastor, photographer, videographer, linens, musicians, hair, make up, cake baker, entire wedding party, & the majority of our guests! (Their invites were phone calls! Haha) it was a miracle and it was magical!! We would still be not married, waiting for a chance to celebrate had that not worked out.” ~ Joanne

Advice from Joanne

“Do your research! I looked around long and hard to find quality vendors for affordable prices. & I’m very happy with how it all turned out!”

Photographer – Julie Fulsher (#juliefulsherphotography)

Photographer – Julie Fulsher (#juliefulsherphotography)

Photographer – Julie Fulsher (#juliefulsherphotography)

Photographer – Julie Fulsher (#juliefulsherphotography)

Acknowledgements for Joanne & Josh's wedding

Photographer: @juliefulsher

Videographer: @111films

Venue: @ashgroveacres305

Florist: @floralstimeless

Decor & Design: @simply_perfect_decor


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