Houseplants + Weddings | A Perfect Pairing

📸: Kara Beth Nixon

📸 cred: Kara Beth Nixon

Those houseplants. So hot right now.


ESPECIALLY as wedding day decor. It’s like combining two of my favorite things into one glorious vignette, not to mention sustainable as heck. Of course adding plants to your wedding design shortlist is always a good idea, but there are some ground rules we should cover first.

[If you are planning on renting plants instead of purchasing, feel free to skip ahead to the list. But if you plan on saving the plant bbs to grace your home later, there are a few things to keep in mind.]


📸 cred: Olivia Cordova Photo

1. Choose a plant with either thick or woody stalks, and waxy/thick leaves.

They’ll stand up better to transport and a bit of bashing about, and won’t wilt immediately when touched by the sun.

Also select your designated plant transporter with care. Make sure they know you want to keep the greenies for later, and that they have suitable packaging to keep them safe and secure.


📸 cred: Mason and Megan


2. Keep in mind they may get sunburnt. Yes, that’s a real thing.

If a plant is used to greenhouse/big box store conditions, it may not have actually *felt* sunlight on it’s leaves. If it is not gradually
introduced to direct sunlight, you could likely see sunburned leaves after your wedding.


📸 cred: Kara Beth Nixon

They won't die, but it won't be cute for a minute.


3. Water well before your event.

You obviously want a robust bb to display, and you want it to survive the rigors of the biggest day of their (and probably your) lives.


📸 cred: Mason and Megan



4. Check for pet safety!

While I’ve owned a wild menagerie of plants and not once had an animal take a bite of one, there’s always a chance. So if Fifi or Fido is known to be a little too curious, make sure you check the ASPCA for pet safe options.



📸 cred: Olivia Cordova Photo



Now without further ado, here’s a list of the best (and worst) plants to display on your wedding day:



Loml and bane of my existence, these are soooo dreamy in literally any situation. But they die SO EASILY. So if you want to employ this stunner on your big day, make sure it’s well watered and kept out of direct sunlight. There’s also like a bajillion varieties, so stick with the ones in the outdoor section for a sturdier breed. 

Shop Boston Ferns HERE.

China Doll

It’s like a maidenhair without being a maidenhair. Lord knows I love a maidenharn fern, but Lord help me, I cannot keep them alive. So as an alternative, I’ve personally used the dainty China Doll as a suitable replacement. Sometimes prone to spidermites, though, they’re not exactly for total noobs, but def a much heartier option than the Queen of Drama herself. 

Shop China Doll HERE.


📸 cred: Mason and Megan


📸 cred: Kara Beth Nixon


Sweet angels, these are literally foolproof and hands-down the number one plant I recommend to beginners. Thick, vining tendrils and waxy, heart-shaped leaves add a hefty visual weight to any bartop or centerpiece, and come in a variety of varieties.

Shop Pothos HERE.





Bird of Paradise

(specifically the Strelitzia nicolai, her leaves are bigger than the reginae) What a classic. With it’s epicly large leaves, this puppy makes such a *statement* framing out your altar, dessert table, photo booth – you name it, she shines there.

She’s pretty light hungry, though, so make sure you have a sunny spot for her once you bring her home.  




📸 cred: Lyndsey Anne Photo









Again, about a bajillion options here, but most people opt for the Areca or Majesty palms. If you’re going the least bit tropical on your big day/in your home after, this is a must. have.

Again, kinda spidermite magnet-y, but does incredibly well transferred outside to a patio or front porch, so can be beginner friendly if located wisely. 

Shop Majesty Palm HERE.


Snake Plant

Dramatic but clean-lined, snake plants are an excellent addition to your wedding junglescape and your home. Honestly these are so low maintenance and have been touted as a lowlight plant, but thrive MUCH better in a well lit location.

10/10 recommend for beginners. Just wait for the stalk-like leaves to wrinkle a little to know when it’s due for a watering.

Shop Snake Plant HERE.


📸 cred: Kara Beth Nixon



One of my *fave* plants of all time, there is literally nothing like the big, swiss cheese-like fenestrations that give this gorgeous greenie her signature look. It can be a little more costly to purchase a large monster up front, and a tish difficult to transport if they’re not well-supported, but owning your very own piece of the jungle is hardly overrated.

📸 cred: Kara Beth Nixon

Shop Monstera Deliciosa HERE.




We all saw this coming. Literally everyone and their mother has been using this chunky bois for the last 8+ years, and with good reason. Super easy to transport, verrrryyyy forgiving in the intense sun, and relatively low maintenance (if you don’t overwater them, which is 100% cause of death in most succ bbs


Shop Succulents HERE.


The most practical of the list, opting for a hearty rosemary or a sweet smelling lavender not only adds a whimsical texture to your tabletop, but a real-life sustainable choice that could flavor your new lives together [disgustingly poetic/cheesy but 100% accurate]. Opt for an edible arrangement over a window sill ornament for the best dual purpose centerpiece ever.


Shop Potted Herbs HERE.






📸 cred: Mason and Megan

Olive tree

Let’s get this out there real quick: these can be $$$, but has no competition. There’s a reason every home decor blogger from here to Kalamazoo is trying to DIY a budget friendly version of her. But if you’re looking to make an investment into a plant that will grace your new family’s backyard for the next 40 years (can you just see the grandchildren taking their first steps under it 😭), then she’s your girl.

Shop Olive Tree HERE.


Fiddle Leaf Fig – Don’t get me wrong, she is UNPARALLELED. Broad, deep green leaves. Tall + wide canopy when she grows big. But an oh-so expensive investment into a drama queen who will most assuredly drop 78% of her leaves after all the transportation back and forth. She cannot endure the pressure of a wedding day. So go ahead and buy her, but leave her at home in a happy, well-lit south facing window and NEVER move her again. 


Shop my fave wedding-friendly plants here.



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