Canceling Your Master Plan​

We're sorry to see you go!

We would love to keep you, if we can, to ensure your wedding planning and wedding day are a total success for you.

However, if your mind is made up please understand that the following will take place upon our cancelling your subscription:

  1. Your access to The Master Plan will continue through the end of your current subscription period/date.
  2. You are currently subscribed to our $29/month plan. If we raise the price AFTER you cancel, you will not be grandfathered into your earlier member rate. (Candidly, we don’t plan on raising the price, but reserve the right to do so.)
  3. We wish you the very best with your wedding and marriage!

If you would still like to cancel, please complete the form below.

Please understand that it can take up to one business day to process your cancellation request.

Again, we would love to keep you as a member if we can, so if we can serve you better, please reach out.