Hey, Lovely Human!

I am so honored and elated that I was able to help you plan your wedding day!

It would mean the world to me if you would record a short video testimonial about your experience with The Master Plan.

 Note…I do thank couples at random for their time with a $50 Amazon Gift Card…just sayin'.


Click the ‘Record From Camera’ icon below. Don’t worry if you mess up. You can always start over.
We appreciate your telling us your story and once again, Congratulations!!

If you want a guide to follow, feel free to read each of the following questions to yourself (in your head) and then answer it (out loud). It might help to copy down this list of questions and write up some answers before you get started:

  1. Describe your wedding journey in 3-5 sentences?
  2. What's the biggest misconception you discovered once you really got into planning?
  3. What what was most painful thing for you while you were planning?
  4. Why did you choose to join The Master Plan?
  5. What other planning resources, if any, did you use?
  6. Which recommended resources and/or vendors did you find most helpful?
  7. If you could pass one bit of information on to current and future couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

Don't worry about making a mistake.

If you do, we’ll clean it all up in post…as they say in Hollywood. ; )