Magical Train Ride Through The Redwoods

Heather + Javi

Fenton, CA


78 guests

Priority – Guest Experience & Location


Wedding Planning Experience

Our wedding day was our 12 year dating anniversary, so we had spent lots of time thinking about this day. Many ideas were had in the beginning, but things didn’t really start to come together until the final month before, which was chaotic in the best way. We got engaged in March of 2018 and had plans to get married in November 2020. That obviously didn’t work out but it was the best case scenario for us in the end because we would never have been able to have the incredible day that we did. Our venue took the entire wedding party with guests on a 100 year old steam engine train through the California redwoods out into the middle of the forest for the ceremony. (Like what?!) We never dreamed it could be so unique. It was the most collaborative process on all ends. We were both involved, our family was involved, and our bridal party worked tooth and nail to make our dreams come true. It was truly a labor of love. While there were definitely moments of panic, high emotions, and many tears(from the bride), it was all worth it in the end.” ~ Heather



Advice from Heather

“Make sure to zoom out and remember that the overall feel will come whether the details are right or not. Outside of the usual ‘take it all in', ‘eat through the day', ‘don’t sweat the small stuff', the most important thing is to let yourself be proud of what you’ve accomplished. No matter how the day goes, it will be special because your love is special and it’s unique to you. It’s about the love between you and your spouse and also the people that are there with you through it all.”








Acknowledgements for Heather & Javi's wedding

Photographer – @westweddingco

Videographer – @storyboxfilm

Venue – @roaringcampwed

Dress – @sherylgilesbridal

Florist – @endlessbloomsbycandice

Hair – @styledbysara90

Makeup – @magdaalsamiri

DJ – @iwrestledasharkonce


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