My Parents Refused to Attend My Wedding – Suki’s Experience & Advice

This is definitely not typical.

And therefore, there is very little on the internet about how to handle a situation like Suki's.


She wrote a very personal and helpful blog for couples who are struggling with families who refuse to recognize their relationship.


“I’m a 1st generation Thai-Cambodian American. My parents are from Southeast Asia but I was born and raised in America. As many children of immigrants can probably understand, navigating the worlds between our parents homeland and the place we grew up can breed a new, un-google-able level of family drama.” ~ Suki


If this is something you are struggling with or want to be able to share with a friend, check out Suki's blog HERE posted on Offbeat Bride.


Suki on her wedding day. Photos by Jacquelyn Potter and Opal & Jaye Photography


Here are the Instagram videos that go along with the blog post:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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