Sometimes Less Can Feel Like More ❤

Iman + Noah

Mt Bethel, PA


65 guests

Priorities – Our family and friends having a great time and making memories!


Wedding Planning Experience

“Wow, that was so fun and so exhausting! I learned so much and I am so happy it happened haha. I loved the planning part so much that now I'm a wedding planner!” ~ Iman



Advice from Iman…

“Less actually is more!”



The Day Upon Reflection

“Seeing my husband and Dad, two men that mean the world to me, be that happy.” ~ Iman






$15,000 Budget Breakdown for Iman & Noah's wedding:


Acknowledgements for Iman & Noah's wedding

Photographer – @alexkaplan

Wedding Planner – @vintagesummerweddings

Venue – @chelseasuninn

Bridal Dress – @idoidonj

Suits – @generationtux

Bridesmaid Dresses – @davidsbridal

Hair & Makeup – @natasha.brooks.mua & @katreboh

Decor & Design – @lingsmoment & @essence_of_australia

DJ – @mildjs


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