Mini Wedding, Big Love

Eugenia + John Philadelphia, PA $8,000 19 guests Priorities – Photography, Family & Friends   Wedding Planning Experience “I planned my wedding by myself (watching Jamie’s YouTube videos) during COVID with strict restrictions in the city. I had to reduce the invite list to 15, almost all my family attended online (thanks Zoom!), all shopping […]

RIP: Engagement Ring. Hello, New Favorite. 😏💍

I buried my engagement ring. Unfortunately, I’m completely serious. Quick story time: We were planting fruit trees and I didn’t want to get dirt in my rings, so I stuck them in my back pocket. The same back pocket that I stuck my phone in. Which I checked periodically like the screen-addicted millennial I am. […]

Express YOUR Love Story, YOUR Way!

Get Inspired. Please join us in collectively dropping our jaws over the work of our incredible Mastermind gal, Kylie!  The theme of this amazing shoot was gothic romance with a modern feel. Kylie’s advice for engaged couples, “Don’t be afraid to express yourself on your wedding day. This is YOUR love story.”  Kylie helps her […]

Blending All The Perfect Details In Oregon

Jamie + Michael Portland, OR $30,000 55 guests Priorities – Photography, Food, Family   Wedding Planning Experience “Used Jamie Wolfer’s YouTube videos and The Master Plan to set up our wedding goals and priorities. Bride wanted great photography and location. Groom wanted good food and cake! We both wanted to focus on the moment and […]

Magical Train Ride Through The Redwoods

Heather + Javi Fenton, CA $18,000 78 guests Priority – Guest Experience & Location   Wedding Planning Experience “Our wedding day was our 12 year dating anniversary, so we had spent lots of time thinking about this day. Many ideas were had in the beginning, but things didn’t really start to come together until the […]

Capturing Every Single Moment!

Tess + Michael Mt Vernon, WA $10,000 52 guests Priority – Photography   Wedding Planning Experience “We had a long engagement and I planned the event during law school and we were married three weeks after the bar exam! It was hectic to juggle the two but The Master Plan was a huge time-saver.” ~ […]

Don’t Do It Alone

Denise + Shawn Pleasant Hill, CA $15,000 200 guests Priorities – Photos & Food   Wedding Planning Experience “I hated it. I was stressed because I had to plan all the logistics and I had a lot of family help. But I wish I knew I needed to know every single detail.” If this is […]

Can You Believe This View?!

Erica + Caitlin Duarte, California $9,000 90 Guests Priorities – Budget & Experience   Real Wedding by Zabrina Zablan of The Gay Agenda Collective Erica & Caitlin’s top priorities were to stay within their budget and create something beautiful. I think together we made this happen!     Wedding Day Vision The vision was a […]

DIY Wedding Above & Beyond!

Alisha + Travis Iroquois, Ontario, Canada $5,000 60 Guests Priority – Décor Wedding Planning Experience “I watched every single one of your (Jamie’s) videos while planning. Your wedding was somewhat of my inspiration. DIY above and beyond. Once the main things such as venue and photographer were booked, the rest was smooth sailing. Minus the […]

My Parents Refused to Attend My Wedding – Suki’s Experience & Advice

This is definitely not typical. And therefore, there is very little on the internet about how to handle a situation like Suki’s.   She wrote a very personal and helpful blog for couples who are struggling with families who refuse to recognize their relationship.   “I’m a 1st generation Thai-Cambodian American. My parents are from […]